grammar reviews

The Moodle final consists of 149 questions to be completed within three hours. These questions questions break down to nine groups, with each group devoted to one grammar point.

  1. #1~6 on the use of question words like 什么, 谁, 哪, 多少
  2. #7~17 on the uses of 是 . . . 的 to emphasize the specifics in completed actions
  3. #18~37 on resultative / complements such as 听不懂 or 看不见
  4. #38~47 on verb phrase tagged to a noun as to its purpose, 他有个电脑要买
  5. #48~54 on the use of 不得了 (extremely) after an adjective
  6. #55~74 on the uses of disposal 把 and passive voice 被,
  7. #75~89 on the use of 好像 in metaphors,
  8. #90~129 on patterns of stress extreme degrees, 一 xxx 都不/没 xxx
  9. #130~149 on matching fragments (A) and (B) or 不但 . . . 而且

Let us know if you are still not clear about any of these grammar points. We are happy to go over them with you individually or in groups before the final.